kuda.org announces: motive mutation, MSU / Music Biennale Zagreb

kuda.org residency at MSU Zagreb

Performance by kuda.org at the Music Biennale Zagreb


Second festival block - Continuum Nr. 2 - Shifting

MSU, southern plateau, Saturday May 29th, 2021, at 20h

'motive mutation'



A collective composed of members from seemingly incompatible disciplines and genres. This constellation derives from the NOISM program dedicated to temporary zones of groupness and improvisational practice that arises in sound, with sound and around sound.

This year's at MBZ, the focus is on sound samples taken from the immediate environment, public space and architecture, which are transformed live and permeated into a new sound mixture.


Within kuda.org's the long-term research in the field of art, society and technology, a special place is occupied by the process of working with sound. We develop different formats, workshops, installations, exhibitions, concerts - temporary zones of groupness and joint creation, through participatory music and poetry production within two program directions: Festival-in-opposition & noism.

We explore the phenomena of human perception (and responsibility) in a rapidly changing world. In the process of our work, we often use digital tools in combination with analog, and very often with light. Inspiration arises in relation to the time and place of realization, and solutions are articulated as site-specific interventions as triggers of inspiration.

Performance at MBZ 2021 is based on experience and cooperation with associates & partners in the field, MRT from Novi Sad, who in the process of their work combine atmospheric, experimental electronics, noise and samples. All this together will be focused on a new experience in interaction with the audience in a public space.

You can download the program brochure Music Biennale Zagreb 2021 here.

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