Fall 2021. Detelinara. Technologies of Artistic Creation. New season and expanded program of cooperation with Bogdan Suput High School of Design, Novi Sad


Technologies of Artistic Creation

New season and expanded program of cooperation with Bogdan Suput High School of Design, Novi Sad

Fall 2021, Detelinara


Workshops - Teaching Sustainable Design, Promoting Environmental Awareness Thru Art: The world of plastic waste

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Video document, december 2021

Webinars - Public Art Training for Trainers


Workshops of the literary-journalistic and creative writing



Extended educational processes through art residencies and interactive workshops

The school year 2021 continued in the difficult circumstances of the Covid pandemic. But, guided by the results and potentials of last year, we started a new cycle with an improved plan.

We expanded the development of extracurricular activities in cooperation with the Bogdan Šuput High School of Design and Centra_kuda.org with the idea that part of the plans take place more permanently for the benefit of the School, students, community and art. The cooperation includes educational-workshop classes with students through interactive work with local artists and foreign lecturers.

The collaboration is based on the idea of extended education process with an emphasis on experiment, research and the collective work process as an upgrade to basic education programs. This procedure builds on the current recommendation of the Ministry of Education Republic of Serbia, which allows schools and gymnasiums to contribute to the enrichment of the curriculum with other forms of work.


This year's Technologies of Artistic Creation program under the umbrella title Teaching Sustainable Design, Promoting Environmental Awareness Thru Art, contains three complementary directions:

The world of plastic waste - a series of workshops in cooperation with the art organization Minipogon from Belgrade (members: Vahida Ramujkić, Danilo Prnjat, Tijana Cvetković and Chow Sing Tai). We continue with them the work launched as a pilot program during 2020 through which students have an opportunity to learn about the phenomenon of plastics materials and technology, environmental and economic issues and sustainable systems - waste management, in order to reduce the negative impact of waste on human health and environment. Along with this, students will get acquainted with the basic functions of machines for recycling and processing of plastics: shredder, compressor, extruder, injector; ways to organize a campaign for the collection of plastic waste as a resource that is necessary for practical work in workshops.


Webinars - Public Art Training for Trainers - a series of lestures and talks conducted in cooperation with the OPA Center in Pittsburgh, USA (Office of Public Art, Pittsburgh, US) in coordination with Rachel Klipa, in order to get acquainted with American practice in social engaged art projects and the development of an extracurricular program.

OPA Center from Pittsburgh has long and successfully developed a specific connection between artists and the community in which the results are always implemented in public space and in the community through a direct inclusive process. The intention of the extracurricular program that kuda.org is developing in cooperation with the Bogdan Šuput School of Design is a possible upgrade of the activities at Detelinara district, in the community where the School and Centar_kuda.org are located. The webinar series intend to exchange experiences and methods through lectures, in order to improve community work and create opportunities to improve the educational program in the public space of Detelinara as well.


Workshops of the literary-journalistic and creative writing - a series of workshops that will enable students to develop sensibility and practical knowledge in creating important messages through the written words and visual lenguage of the future fanzine of the School. Through these workshops, a space is opened for free and open discussion of lecturers with students, how to organize and act together. This year, the workshops are being realized in cooperation with journalist Branislava Opranović and prof. literature within the literary-journalistic section of the School.

The main focus of the extracurricular program is based on problem-based learning through practical learning, as an upgrade of the theoretical teaching that students have in school. Through practical work, a better insight into the production process is achieved, through which through research, group analytical and critical activities, collaborative work, there is an overal unification of theoretical and practical knowledge.



During the program, students gain insight into the entire process of creative process from the development of the idea, through the consideration of possible application and justification in the field of culture, art, economy and social context, to the realization and presentation of their own work. Students share their new experiences with peers from other classes and other schools.

For the school year 2021/2022, all planned activities and public events are realized in joint work with associates, professors of the School and students of different ages from all departments (art, industrial design, graphic design, interior, textile and sculpture). The final activity will be united in a public event, with the residents of Detelinara in front of the kuda.org premises.



The Technologies of Artistic Creation Program is implemented during 2021/2022 with the support of the FfAI Foundation; City Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad; City Administration for Sports and Youth - Youth Office; International Relief Fund for Organisations in Culture and Education 2021 of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund; Public Affairs Office, Embassy Belgrade through activities Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Thru Art.