The idea behind ​​the TV show OPEN BARRACKS is focused on the process of changing the purpose of large military complexes in Novi Sad. The show unequivocally emphasizes the necessity of demilitarization of the City, through a comparative analysis with examples from the region (Ljubljana, Pula), and states the great potentials and needs of the civil sector for such areas. At the same time, there is the issue of the public good in relation to the (non-transparent) privatization process.

OPEN BARRACKS, 27 minutes
production: & associates
journalist: Dragan Gmizić
cameramen: Szilard Kovacs and Orfeas Skutelis
editor: Csaba Polgar
music: Vladimir Raskovic
architects: Daniela Dimitrovska and Aleksandar Bede

OPEN BARRACKS also deals with the projection and imagination of the possible use of military infrastructure (once closed, controlled, and inaccessible), for the benefit of the common interest of many (as public, open and accessible spaces).

Over 20 protagonists from various civic initiatives, associations, art groups, sports associations, and prominent individuals, etc. participate in the show. From Novi Sad. The TV show OPEN BARRACKS was realized within the three-year regional project 'INDIVIDUAL UTOPIA, now and then, which is implementing in cooperation with the Institute for Contemporary Art from Tirana (TICA) and the Center for Contemporary Art Sarajevo (SCCA /

You can see the OPEN BARRACKS here.