Anti-Wall - A contribution to a more or less caput comprehension of surrealism - a book by Howard Slater, published by

 Anti-Wall - A contribution to a more or less caput comprehension of surrealism - a book published by



 Anti-Wall - A contribution to a more or less caput comprehension of surrealism 

Mystić Constructions & The Boring One, Surrealist Editions, Belgrade, 1932.

Poetic translation and transduction Howard Slater, London / Novi Sad 2017

The Anti-Wall came from one of many steps in the collaboration of and GCP with Howard Slater over the past few years. This latest collaboration has brought us together around a common interest in lesser-known manifestations of the Surrealist movement, both locally and globally. Thus, the Anti-Wall represents the point of connection (the "ship of communication") of the Belgrade Surrealist group and those from the Antilles who gathered around the magazines Légitime Défence and Tropiques.

Also, this process has become a means of the political and affective substance of artistic organization now and here, as in the past: Infra- and ourOrganization, politics as opinion, at a distance from the state and political parties are just some of the common themes embedded in poetic and experimental transduction Anti -walls, originally written by Marko Ristic & Vane Bor and published Surrealist editions in Belgrade in 1932. This transduced book, we hope, will help us to overcome our own walls.


Previous joint work:
Anomie/Bonhomie - translation of the book Hovard Slater into Serbian-Croatian:


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Howard Slater, New Media & Conceptual Policy Group

Translation, proofreading and proofreading: Howard Slater, & GKP


Publisher: Center for New, Novi Sad


Year of publication: 2017

Publication languages: Serbo-Croatian and English

Graphic design: & SPUTNJIK

Illustration: Self-portrait, Radojica Živanović Noah, Reprint of the almanac “Impossible – L` impossible” from 1930. Publisher: Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade 2002.

ISBN 978-86-88567-20-6


The publication was published within the project "Aesthetic Education Extended" 2015/2017, which is implemented in cooperation with with the Multimedia Institute from Zagreb, Kontrapunkt from Skopje, Berliner Gazette from Berlin and Kulturtreger / Books from Zagreb.

The entire project is funded by the Creative Europe 2014-2020 European Union, the European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam - BAC program, the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the City Administration for Culture of Novi Sad.


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