Call for a public discussion on the first draft of the Serbian Creative Commons license


Creative Commons International,, has approved the first draft of Serbia's Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA 2.5. The draft has been published at in Serbian and English, and a discussion of the proposed text of the license, translated from English into Serbian and harmonized with Serbian law, will take place on the mailing list


The discussion is legal, but those who are not lawyers can follow it and participate in it, especially artists for whom the license is primarily intended. The localization of CC licenses in Serbia is led by several organizations and individuals, including Nevenka Antić (Legal Project Lead), Vladimir Jerić (Public Project Lead), Wikimedia Serbia, the Center for New, and many others. More detailed information on CC licenses can be found at

"The Creative Commons (CC)" is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the scope of creative production to others, further share the creative work on a legal basis, and upgrading it. The organization has released several copyright-licenses known as “Creative Commons” licenses. These licenses, depending on which one is chosen, deny only certain rights (or none at all) to further use the work. Their licenses include works that are free and open to use under certain conditions. Unlike GNU, CC licenses are not designed for software but more for other types of creative work: websites, music, film, photography, literature, and the like.

"Creative Commons" licenses allow copyright holders to grant some or all of the rights to use the work to the public or retain part of the rights by selecting from a series of licenses, mostly dedicated to the public domain or content openness principles. While not legal, these licenses are intended to avoid existing problems caused by existing copyright laws when it comes to sharing information and content.