TitleYugoslav black wave, Polemical Cinema from 1963-1972. in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGreg DeCuir, J
Series EditorBaškot, G
Number of Pages263
PublisherFilm Center Serbia
ISBN Number978-86-7227-069-3

The bilingual edition of the book by Greg DeCuir, Jr. - YUGOSLAV BLACK WAVE explores in a systematic, insightful and competent way one of the most complex post-war phenomena of Yugoslav cinema - the Black Wave.

Dealing with the ideological and political background of this phenomenon, Greg DeCuir, Jr., unusually for a foreign author, expertly vivisects not only individual films and authorial opuses but also the entire socio-political climate that conditioned them. His research takes place on several levels, and although it covers the entire Yugoslav space, Serbian film had the honor of being the most represented by the choice of works and analytical scope, as the most dynamic production unit.