"Theory of the Subject" Alain Badiou

"Theory of the Subject" by Alain Badiou - translation into Serbo-Croatian published by GKP & kuda.org

On the occasion of the issue:

Today, when no one will write and read in the Serbian language tomorrow, the rest of Serbo-Croatian and Croato-Serbian, we are translating and publishing the book. To whom? To those who will stay for life today because they are old for the changes that have started, and they still think that it is possible to change the course and they want to participate in that. Leaving the language is not terrible only if we take with us the form of content that kept the expression trapped in national cultures and scared us of its substances. It is possible to think and live differently and it is based on it. Translating a book into a small language will not make it a minority, but it will enlighten a person who could speak it. If there is, of course.

We published the Anthropology of the name to translate it, and we translated it to read it. The same is the case with the Theory of the Subject, and it builds on our outdated considerations that will continue. The question we ask ourselves, we ask others: what does it mean to publish a book? If it is a betrayal of a book in the sense of abandoning its idea, then the language in which we do it is a secondary matter and we leave it to the readers and their use of this book. Our question is political and concerns the possibility of producing a book at a distance according to the conditions that make it market or propaganda.

After the experience of reading and socializing on the occasion of reading books that we publish in this way, and building what we called institutional communes - not without irony and desire to provoke primarily those we considered comrades, whose criticism did not exceed antagonism and why it remained on the register states - we get the impression that we can't even write a book if we don't publish it before that. The production environment is as existential as it is creative, and publishing is work like any other if inventing new categories by which we think and create relationships that will call into question the division of labor and encourage us to freedom, which is "beyond work as a necessity and external purposefulness ”.


Book translation information:

Title: Theory of the subject
French title: Théorie du Sujet, Éditions du Seuil, 1982.
Author: Alain Badiou


Translated from French: Olja Petronić


Publisher: The Group for Conceptual Politics (GCP)
Katarina Ivanović 8/2, Novi Sad


Co-publisher: New Media Center_kuda.org

Braće Mogin 2, Novi Sad


Year of publication: 2015

CIP - Cataloging in a publication
Matica Srpska Library, Novi Sad
ISBN 978-86-917183-3-6
ISBN 978-86-88567-18-3
COBISS.SR-ID 302402823

The translation and publication of the book were made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information, and the City Administration for Culture of Novi Sad.