Presentation of the festival "transmediale 03", Andreas Broeckmann


Andreas Broeckmann (1964) is the artistic director of "transmediale" - international media art festival Berlin. Broeckmann studied art history, sociology and media studies and worked as a project manager at V2_organisation Rotterdam, Institute for the Unstable Media, from 1995-2000. He is a member of the Berlin-based media association "Mikro", and of the European Cultural Backbone, a network of media centres.

Andreas Broeckmann, Berlin

During his lecture, Andreas Broeckmann presented some of the works that were displayed on recent "transmediale" festival, as well as few that will be displayed on transmediale.03, from February 1st till February 5th in Berlin.

During the last years "transmediale" became one of the most important events regarding electronic arts and new media, recently putting emphasis on experimental and social oriented works. Festival has three distinctive awards: interaction, image and software, and more following programs (concerts, media lounge, lectures, presentations) Broeckmann pointed out that software is a cultural artifact of emerging information society, which means that artists use software, develop new one, alone or with programmers. He presented works of Margarethe Jahrmann, Laurent Vicente, and project that will be displayed next year on "transmediale.03". Project by Josh On (, flash animation that was presented during this year's Ars Electronica festival, that on intuitive way unfolds functioning and relations between largest us corporations on personal level (who is seated in managing boards, and also in how many managing boards).