New in Popular Music: New audio CD release

New in Popular Music: New audio CD release

publishers and realization: CK13 &

New in popular music - new release of 2 CDs, which originated from the same name one-year project which questioning the relationship between contemporary and new popular music. Through multiplicity of terms of popularly focused on an influence and marked possible progressive tendencies in contemporary music by gathering composers and musicians that through three day interactive workshops reflect their interplay.

During 2017, our guests were composers and musicians from abroad Andrea Belfi and Nicholas Bussmann who worked together with local musicians: Sava Botić, Dimitrije Jakovljević, Predrag Okiljević, Nemanja Tasić, Nemanja Sovtić, Lav Kovač and Vladimir Rašković. This release includes tracks from sessions taken during April and November, which involved different methodologies in work process. The tracks from April were generated as an interaction with Maya Deren's silent b/w short films, while the November sessions reflect on different strategies of collective work in ad hoc group context. Inspired by Chris Cutler's insights that the development of music is possible with technological and innovative aspects of instruments and collective work, we have focused on collective work - one that reflects a cooperative relationship into the group, improvising and direct communication with the listeners.

Recorded live at CK13 Youth Center in Novi Sad in April and November 2017.
Recording, mix and mastering: Dimitrije Jakovljević
Technical support: Zsolt Polgar
Art cover: Iva Tori

CD 1
Andrea Belfi - drums, electronics, percussion
Sava Botić - fender rhodes, electronics
Dimitrije Jakovljević - el. guitar, electronics

CD 2
Predrag Okiljević - tenor sax
Nemanja Tasić - tapan, percussion
Vladimir Rašković - el. bass, electronics
Nemanja Sovtić - thrombone
Lav Kovač - drums


ISBN 978-86-900239-0-5
COBISS.SR-ID 320528391

Publishers: Youth Center CK13 and New Media


The publishing of this edition was supported by the City Administration of Culture of the City of Novi Sad.


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