New in Popular Music #3 workshop and concert

New in Popular Music # 3

workshop and concert

Youth Center CK13

Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad

October 28 - October 31, 2017


Inspired by Chris Cutler's insights that the advancement of music is possible through the development of instruments and collective work, in this workshop we want to focus on collective work, the collective work we encounter in more permanent formations, on "cooperative and collective group work, unification compositions and performances, expressive improvisation and direct communication with the listeners. ” Since there are no “leaders” of the workshop, participants are expected to agree on the format of the workshops, the way they work and what they want to do together through agreement and argumentation. Unlike the previous workshops led by Andrea Belfi and Nicholass Bussman, we will try to approach this creative process together, from the organizational questioning of art.


The workshop is part of the "New in Popular Music" project, which questions the relationship between contemporary and new popular music. Although popular music may have commercial potential to the detriment of the quality of musical expression, innovation and participation, it in turn exudes autonomous tendencies in musical creativity. Given this ambiguity, the project seeks to mark progressive tendencies in contemporary music. By implementing these tendencies through performances, workshops and talks, we want to open new spaces of music research and production, and to encourage actualization and contextualization through re-examining the current situation on the local music scene. The workshop will be recorded, as well as the sessions themselves and the final concert. Selected material will be released as a CD release.

The results of the workshop will be presented by a public appearance of a group of participants.

The final concert is scheduled for October 31, 2017, starting at 21:00 in the Youth Center CK13.

Performers: Nemanja Sovtić, Vladimir Rašković, Lav Kovač, Nemanja Tasić and Predrag Okiljević.



The project "New in Popular Music" is realized in cooperation with the Youth Center CK13 and the New Media, with the support of the City Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad.



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