rOOms: NOISM 2024 Residency | Sara Zlanabitnig | Ilia Belorukov

rOOms: NOISM 2024 Residency | Sara Zlanabitnig | Ilia Belorukov


21-24.06.2024. | Sessions on various locations in and around the town

23.06. at 20h Concert in the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina

Dunavska 37, Novi Sad announces a new activity within the NOISM program - multi-day duo sessions by Sara Zlanabitnig (flute) Vienna and Ilia Belorukov (electronics and fluteophone) Novi Sad.
Through several days of collaboration, the artists explore sounds and combinations of an acoustic wind instruments (flute) and electronics (modular synthesizer), and develop them through a common ground in the field of improvised music, but their roots and views are much broader and include contemporary music and modern electronics. One of the main directions of their work under the name "rOOms" in Novi Sad (and around) is not only playing music together, but carefully integrating it in correlation with the spaces they are in - whether it's a, public space or the acoustics of a museum, the Chapel of Peace or the natural acoustic environment of a forest. All these spaces direct musicians to interaction, new research and ideas on how to use their knowledge, vocabularies and techniques of sound extraction.


Sara Zlanabitnig is based in Vienna since 2005. She has dedicated her artistic interest to free improvised, experimental and electronic music, both as an active musician and as a cultural worker. She is an active part of the platform Frau*feld - for the visualization of female musicians*, the collective festival of the Viennese experimental music scene Jahresendzeitschokoladen-hohlkörper, the cultural-political initiative mitderstadtreden and since the beginning of 2022 of the artistic direction at echoraum. A diversity-oriented, progressive and non-commercial (sub-)attitude are key concerns for her. As a flutist, Sara Zlanabitnig prefers to move in and between the fields of electronic and freely improvised new music. She searches for unusual sounds, explores the possibilities of using electronics and prefers false fingerings as well as quarter tones, harmonics and multiphonics. Borders between music styles are very open to her.


Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint Petersburg, Russia, now based in Novi Sad, Serbia. He works in improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. Ilia practices an experimental approach to sound extraction using saxophone, modular synthesizers and other instruments. His works have been released on labels such as Clean Feed, SOFA, Moving Furniture, Astral Spirits, Notice Recordings, Raw Tonk, Mikroton and many others. He founded the Intonema label and was one of curators of Spina!Rec label. He has organized events in Saint Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia, and co-curated the Teni Zvuka and Spina!Fest festivals. Recent activities included writing reviews and articles for Jazzist website and as musicworm on Telegram channel as well as working as mixing and mastering engineer for own projects and different musicians and labels. Since 2022, Ilia is based in Novi Sad and he is member of



This activity is part of the NOISM - New Research in Contemporary Music program & concert series NOISM 2024 produced by, is realized in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade and in cooperation of the (Vienna), echoraum (Vienna), (Novi Sad) & Intonema and is supported by the City of Novi Sad Administration for Culture and the FfAI Foundation.