kuda.org recommends: AFTER EXTRACTIVISM · BG°2022 PROJECT

Berliner Gazette 
November 2022

After an inspiring local event in Berlin at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte (https://www.flickr.com/photos/berlinergazette/albums/72177720302975606), the Berliner Gazette has launched the “After Extractivism” conference as an “asynchronous online event” and expansive resource site with video talks, projects, texts, and audios tackling the Ecological-Economic Complex, Green Capitalism, and Transition Justice. Check out the website: https://after-extractivism.berlinergazette.de

In our capacity as the project’s outreach partner, kuda.org and berlinergazette.de is presenting below some of the “After Extractivism” material that is most vital to our own program.

Connecting post-1989 worker struggles in Romania’s coal mining region with Captain Power and a group of guerrilla fighters who oppose the machine forces that dominate Earth in the 22nd century following the so-called Metal Wars, artist, author, and curator Stefan Tiron inquires in his contribution to the Berliner Gazette’s video talks series “After Extractivism” into the political potential of science fictional transitioning in the 1990s.


Stefan Tiron · 1989 | 2147 #AfterExtractivism from Berliner Gazette on Vimeo.


The suffering caused by extractive capitalism has people looking back to Yugoslavia’s modernization project. While aiming to dominate nature, it also created cooperative platforms for social togetherness, enabling sustainable ways of living and organizing economy. In her lecture for the Berliner Gazette’s video talks series “After Extractivism” researcher Katarina Kušić discusses this as a source of inspiration for current struggles.

Katarina Kusic · The Yugoslavia Lesson #AfterExtractivism from Berliner Gazette on Vimeo.


On the “After Extractivism” website you will find more on issues related to our own program in the Texts section (“Transition Justice”) and in the Projects section (“Post-1989 Lessons”).