Sploh & kuda.org announces: NOISM 2022 -  Sound Object Constructions. Experimental sound installation. Novi Sad, June/July 2022

NOISM 2022 -  Sound Object Constructions

Experimental sound installation.

Novi Sad June/July 2022


kuda.org from Novi Sad in cooperation with Zavod Sploh from Ljubljana, launched the idea for creative workshops includes musicians, artists, architects, researchers from the local community from Detelinara / Novi Sad, June 29 - July 2, 2022.

This short-term residency and workshop is based on a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences of all participants with the aim of enabling a new creative experience. The workshops combine technology and art, connecting them through different methods committed to experiment, play, improvisation with the intention of creating a new sound objects.

The workshop mentors are musicians and experimenters Tomaž Grom from Ljubljana and Jovan Obradović Špira from Novi Sad / Detelinara. Many years of experience and commitment to experiment in the field of sound will be shared with participants in order to create a new authentic object that will unite the experiences and ideas of participants in a new sound object as the final segment of interdisciplinary sound installation.

Program NOISM is implemented through a series of short-term art residencies and workshops aimed at authorial production which enables collaboration between international artists and local participants to create new music artwork or sound installations in public space. NOISM is a program through which contemporary practices in music and sound experiment are developed interaction and the process of joint creation of works. It is dedicated to temporary zones of groupness and improvisational practice that arises in sound, with sound and around sound.

NOISM program was supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information, City Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad, the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade and the FfAI Foundation.