The LOOP installation - exhibition of the Initiative of the Independent Cultural Scene of Novi Sad, opening of the exhibition: SULUV Gallery, Monday, June 26, 2017. at 8 p.m.

The Initiative of the Independent Cultural Scene of Novi Sad

 The Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina



The Loop installation


Opening of the exhibition Monday, June 26 at 8 p.m.

SULUV Gallery, Bulevar M. Pupina 9, Novi Sad

June 26 - July 10, 2017



The art installation is an in-situ spatial intervention that integrates all aspects of place and time and directly refers to the current situation in the culture of the city of Novi Sad. Primarily to the needs of cultural actors - the local aspect of the SULUV Gallery and the parent Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina in relation to the city's cultural policy, communication with the City Administration for Culture (GUK), and conducting annual production in light of new circumstances when the city of Novi Sad was nominated for The European Capital of Culture 2021. The place of realization of the exhibition is clearly determined by the attribute of the exhibition place of the only representative association for knotted arts from the area of ​​Vojvodina.

The role and activity of the Association have expanded in 2016 since the Presidency joined the newly established Independent Cultural Scene Initiative of Novi Sad, with the aim of establishing clearer criteria for redistribution of public funds in the cultural sector in negotiations with the City Council Member and GUK. are not recorded as a priority by the City.

The art installation Petlja includes references of the social context that refer to the relation of artistic production in relation to the City's cultural policy and, more precisely, to the relation to contemporary creativity. On the other hand, he refers to the relations within the scene and the protagonists on it, which raises questions about the readiness to responsibly participate in the negotiation process with the City for better living and working conditions in circumstances when the city's political orientation is fully focused on promoting EPC 2021.

The installation consists of elements and materials that by their nature connect and include facts from a wider range of art history and artistic practice, and whose appearance also opened relevant questions about the role of art and the reception of artistic values ​​in society at the time when these works were created.

The main element of artistic intervention is the spatial drawing that is implemented in the process of anamorphosis, and the inclusion of optical illusion initiates a specific view of the subject-spatial installation. In this way, the absent presence of the object around which the loop is woven is subtly emphasized.

The installation of the Loop initiates and provokes greater engagement of the public and the members of the Association with direct references from artistic practice as a vital agent for understanding the overall situation in the art and culture of the City.


The Initiative of the Independent Cultural Scene of Novi Sad

Production:, GCP, SULUV