LUGoNS: Linux Install Day in the Youth Center CK13, 14.03. Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm


14.03. Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm, CK13 and LUGoNS: Linux install day

Admission and program: Free
Whether you are a Linux guru or just thinking of starting to use Linux, join us! Our goal is to together:

• Raise awareness of information culture.
• We promote, expand and work with FLOSS (Free / Libre and Open Source Software).
• We spread awareness and knowledge about GNU / Linux and thus strengthen the community.
• We share ideas and solutions to GNU / Linux problems.

LUGoNS Laboratory organizes Install Day.
The idea is to help you install Linux, or if you installed it yourself, to set it up as much as we can.
For those who decide to install Linux for them, they get an installation DVD or CD from us.

What to bring?

First, bring goodwill and patience, and that's a must! Since LUGoNS members are relatively few, we cannot guarantee that your machine will be sorted first. We have only a few of the technical requirements. Housing and monitor with either a blank disk or a blank, unformatted partition of at least 6GB. We emphasize, MONITOR, HOUSING AND ALL CABLES (with mouse and keyboard) !!!

What to expect?

Operating Linux and a reasonable amount of support. What do we mean by this? First, that your Linux will be able to boot, that you will be able to work in it in all the applications we install for you, and that you will be able, if you wish, to add programs of your choice from the media we give you.