This year's SUBVERSIVE FILM FESTIVAL is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Yugoslavia's May 1968 Revolution.

The Subversive Film Festival, like any subversion in the broadest sense, is a reflection of material and spiritual social tensions and conflicts and an attempt to question the authority of existing institutions or value systems: subversively always attacks everything it controls and seeks to replace it with something as yet non-existent and excluded. pleasure. State methods of self-protection and control of production, communication, and distribution keep subversive messages inaccessible to the masses. This problem concerns especially the film because it requires money, technology, and specific space to show it.

The Subversive Film Festival is neither competitive nor revival, nor is it artistic or aesthetic. The Subversive Film Festival is an interdisciplinary, hypertextual, transsubjective, political attempt to demystify visual taboos, analyze the most powerful art forms of today that change humanity on a conscious and unconscious level, attempt to critique existing value systems and institutions in the context of science, philosophy and modern art.

SUBVERSIVE FILM FESTIVAL- HOMMAGE 1968 consists of five thematic units:

1. Festival guests: Slavoj Žižek (Slovenia), Ernesto Laclau (Argentina), Chantal Mouffe (Belgium), Neil Leach (England), Frank Furedi (England), Brian Holmes (France), Karl-Heinz Dellwo (Germany), Gabriele Roller (Germany), Gerd Conradt (Germany)

In addition to the films chosen by the guests of the Festival, which the audience will have the opportunity to watch as part of the main program at Kino Europa, every day in different places in the city (Kino Europa, KIC, Faculty of Architecture and Philosophy)

2. The film program starts at 2 pm and ends around midnight. From 18 to 24 May, we will have the opportunity to see about 40 masterpieces of world cinema inspired by student and workers' revolts that marked the 20th century and predetermined the present, and as a treat, we single out the most successful works: C. Marker, B. Bertolucci , M. von Trotte, M. Jancoa, J. Nemeca, D. Makavejeva…

3. At small retrospectives of cult authors from 10 pm to midnight, there is a unique opportunity for films from the most radical phases: J.- L. Godard, G. Debord, and the group Zanzibar

4. As an introduction to the Subversive Film Festival, a round table will be held entitled "Since we have our countries, the revolution is not in sight" dedicated to the issues of '68 in Croatia. Participants of the round table: Nebojsa Popov (Belgrade), Gajo Sekulic (Sarajevo), Zelimir Zilnik (Novi Sad), Slobodan Schneider (Zagreb), Andrea Zlatar (Zagreb), Petar Milat (Zagreb). KIC, 13.05. at 7 p.m.

5. Immediately before the beginning of the Festival, artistic actions and performances of renowned Croatian artists will be held: Dalibor Martinis, Slaven Tolj, Igor Grubić

SUBVERSIVE FILM FESTIVAL is organized by: association Bijeli Val
Director: Nikola Devčić
Artistic directors: Dora Baras (film), Srećko Horvat (theory)
Expert associates: Tomislav Brlek, Leonardo Kovačević, Borislav Mikulić, Maroje Mrduljaš, Petar Milat, Srećko Pulig, Lejla Topić, Branimir Kostelnik
Partners: MSU, multimedia institutes MaMa, WHW - what, how and for whom, Fortress, Discrepancy, KIC, Comma, Goethe Institute, French Cultural Institutes, Czech Embassy, ​​Hungarian Embassy
Program Coordinator: Lucija Zore
Public Relations: Ivana Biočina
Visual identity: Route
Website design: Filip Filković
Festival rush hour: Dalia Pintarić, Andrej Rehak
Movie translation and subtitling: Ministry of Subtitles
Photo and video documentation: Oliver Sertić - Restart
Photographer: Ivana Biočina
Volunteer leader: Lejla Mekić