CREATIVE COMMONS Serbia, license launch and festival, Saturday 15.12. Belgrade


The long-awaited launch of standard Creative Commons in the Serbian language will take place on Saturday, December 15, and will be adjusted to the relevant legislation of the Republic of Serbia.

What are Creative Commons?
It is a new system, built into existing copyright laws, that allows you to share your copyrighted works with others and allows you to use any other content you find on the Internet, music, images, films, or texts, which are marked with Creative Commons licenses. Creative Commons licenses reduce the full range of possibilities for protecting your or someone else's work - between traditional (ALL rights reserved - ALL rights reserved) and public domain (public domain - NO rights reserved). These licenses help you retain your copyright while allowing others to use your work under certain conditions - under the "SOME RIGHTS RESERVED" system. Most importantly, all people are free to listen, watch, share, and otherwise use their work without conflict with applicable laws, without fear of being treated as criminals by those laws. And as long as they do so under your pre-determined terms of use ...

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Saturday, December 15:

>>> 17:00 Dom Omladine Belgrade, the launch of licenses
>>> 20:00 Warehouse Belgrade, fifth CC birthday, presentation of Ubuntu 7.10
>>> 22:00 Underground Club, Belgrade, CC LIVE! party

MistakeMistake ::: Crobot ::: Wolfgang S ::: Ah, Achilles ::: Electric Divine
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17:00 Tribune hall of the Belgrade Youth Center - Launch event
The long-awaited launch of Creative Commons licenses - standard copyright agreements in electronic form!

They speak:
- Marcell Mars (CC Croatia, MAMA) -,,
- Slobodan Markovic (ICANN, Center for Internet Development, Internodium) -,,
- Ivan Jelic, Desiree Miloshevic (Free Software Network, Internet Society) -,
-, Novi Sad -
- Dragan Satarić (Wikimedia Serbia) -
- Nevenka Antić (CC Serbia legal lead) -
- Edi Bon (MistakeMistake, CC Serbia) -
- Iva Nenić, CePIT, Belgrade -
- Vladan Jeremić (Belgrade Bureau, CC Serbia) -,
- Vladimir Jerić Vlidi (CC Serbia public lead) -,

As part of the interview with guests and the presentation of CC licenses, greeting messages from members of the Creative Commons International board will be displayed.

8:00 PM MKM (Warehouse, Kraljevica Marka 4)
Fifth birthday of Creative Commons

As part of the celebration of the 5th birthday of CC, in the Warehouse, we will join video streams organized by various local Creative Commons communities from the region and the world.

Music: CC DJ Edi (MistakeMistake)
An event in collaboration with LoCo,
Linux Ubuntu Promotion 7.10

22:00 Club Underground (Pariska 1a)
Launch party

Live act:
MistakeMistake ::: Crobot ::: Wolfgang S ::: Ah, Achilles ::: Electric Divine

Project support:
Open Society Fund, Belgrade Youth Center, Bureau of Culture and
communication,, Wikimedia Serbia,, Women in Action, Second Scene