Seminar "Interaktive Normalization", Normal Group


"Normal group" for architecture, based in New York, collaborates with the department of architecture at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, to host an exhibition and "Interactive Normalization", a series of public discussions with artists, architects, and curators from Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, United States and Serbia, at a variety of sites across Belgrade from November 15 to 29, 2002. These events coincide with an exhibition of Normal Group's work at the Museum and are disseminated through a website and a catalogue. This series encourage interdisciplinary discussion of current topics in contemporary visual culture, architecture, art, and media.

Normal Group, New York, Zurich

The beginning of presentation of "Interactive Normalization" was introduction and individual presentations of some of the participants in events that were held in Belgrade from November 15th -29th, 2002. First there was a presentation of Srdjan Jovanović Weiss and Sabine Fischer. They presented some of their architectural projects. These projects are primarily oriented towards functionalism and are connected to Le Corbisieur. The reason why they have organized "Interactive Normalization" for them is 'fostering interdisciplinary approaches in analysing contemporary visual culture, architecture, arts and media'.

In the name of Bik van der Pol group, Liesbet Bik presented some of their projects and installations such as 'bookshop piece' and 'proposition for reclaiming a space'. Also, she talked about group Nomads & Residents and their effort to adapt old factory space into an art centre. Katherine Carl from DIA centre presented project "go_home", a project with some artists from former Yugoslavia. She also talked more about her current research of Yugoslav neo-avant-gardes from 1960s and 1970s.