Screen printing workshop RESISTANCE DESIGN - Realization of protest ideas

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The workshop for making protest posters in the screen printing technique was realized from September 3 to 6, from 10 am to 5 pm, in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad. The workshop is part of the 'Signs of Revolt'  project.

Posters printed during the workshop can be seen in the yard CK13, and are displayed in the exhibition 'Signs of Revolt', which was presented at the Cultural Center REX in Belgrade from 7 to 13 September 2011. Also, posters are pasted by the participants of the workshop in public or privatized premises in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

The workshop was led by the teams Cactus from London and Škart from Belgrade. In three days, as long as the workshop lasts, the participants got acquainted with the basic principles of screen printing and dealt with the topic of Privatization of the Public.

They also got acquainted with topics that include all other forms of disturbance for the common good: resistance to privatization (space), resistance to lack of public space, the need for initiatives that address issues of changing the purpose of public space, loss, and lack of space, but also other topics which encourage them to protest.

The workshop began with a presentation of the work of the Cactus and Škart collectives, whose members introduced the participants to the work of other politically and socially engaged designers around the world. At the beginning of the workshop, the participants of the workshop analyzed and visualized words and images, and concepts inspired by the topic of Privatization of the Public.

Workshop participants SIGNALS OF REVOLT:
Jelena Spasic, Belgrade
Darinka Pop-Mitic, Belgrade
Olivera Nikolic, Nis
Marina Popović, Belgrade
Sandra Milanović, Belgrade
Andrea Palašti, Novi Sad
Gordana Nikolic, Novi Sad
Tamara Weiss, Novi Sad
Aleksandar Bede, Novi Sad
Katarina Popović, Belgrade
Natasa Vujkov, Novi Sad
Milica Denkovic, Novi Sad
Jastra Jelacic, Novi Sad
Jelena Tipsin, Novi Sad
Ivan Francuski, Novi Sad
Andjelka Milicevic, Belgrade
Anica Stojanovic, Novi Sad
Dusan Pamucina, Belgrade
Tamara Ratkovic, Belgrade

The workshop is part of the project 'Signs of Revolt'  (2 - 13 September 2011) - a series of events in which:
- screen printing workshop led by the collective 'Cactus' from London and the group 'Škart' from Belgrade (September 3 - 6, Novi Sad)
- presentation of work and conversation with members of the collective 'Cactus' and 'Škart' (2/3 September, Belgrade / Novi Sad)
- film screenings at the Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad (4 - 6 September 2011) and the Cultural Center REX (8 - 9 September 2011)
- opening of the exhibition 'Signs of Revolt' in the Cultural Center REX (September 7, 2011, 20:00)
- conversation of the participants and the leader of the screen printing workshop with the participants of the workshop ‘Public spaces - public good’ of the project WHO BUILDS A CITY

More about the project at and

Production:, Novi Sad,, and Cultural Center REX, Belgrade,
Graphic design: Škart
Partners: Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad,, Drugo more, Rijeka,, Self-organization festival,, Jelena Šantić Fund, Belgrade, Gigant Printing House, Novi Sad
The program is supported by: RS Ministry of Culture, City of Novi Sad