Presentation of the project "tyrell.hungary", Akos Maroy


Akos Maroy, darkeye / member of Eastedge (concept & programming). Born in Szeged, Hungary in 1974. Learned computer science & economics at the Attila Jozsef University of Sciences, Szeged. Recent programming works include examples in the fields of artificial intelligence, multimedia and internetworking communication.

Akos Maroy, Budapest

In this project, a virtual corporate website "tyrell.hungary" is set up, which provides various services to meet the needs of contemporary people. The user will have access to services such as "virtual idoru," "future radio," and "gene bank." The word "tyrell" comes from "tyrell corporation," the replicant-producing company in the movie "Blade Runner" directed by Ridley Scott. "tyrell.hungary" functions as an agency which can expand our desires at the same time that it promotes currently acceleratedly developing technology. By establishing a virtual corporation on the net, it allows users to tap into issues between providers of information and themselves in the information-environment of the internet and focus on boundaries between local/global and real/fictional. For example, the issue of ethics concerning the treatment of life (which we now face through the development of bio-technology) obscures the border between self and others, and between humans and that transcendental being above the level of humans. It also questions how humans can be defined in this contemporary era. tyrell.hungary is, in a virtual sense, a slice of reality.