Presentation of the project "Can Du Pirat TV Tour", Cold Cut


DJ Matt Black & DJ Jonathan More founded Coldcut in 1987. Later they made Ninja Tune label. So far, they have made over a hundred publications within several editions and sublabels like Zen, N tone, Big Dada. Mark Scarratt is a VJ and a producer. He is also a tour manager.

Cold Cut, London

Project "Can Du Pirat TV Tour", a tour over ex-Yugoslav countries is the first project of the future trust campaign against the use of depleted uranium. The aim of the tour is to make this problem public (depleted uranium was also used during conflicts in the Balkans). "Can Du Pirat TV Tour" was presented in Ljubljana, Pula, Dubrovnik, Mostar, Banja luka, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Zagreb... Pirate TV workshops led by Matt Black include software demonstrations (created in Ninja Tune laboratories) which provide almost indefinite and simultaneous manipulation of sound and picture. Program made by Coldcut is simultaneously used for DJ set and so called vjamm (using a synthesizer (midi)one can emit at the same time audio samples and pictures).