Presentation and screenings of films by the collective of filmmakers RaFILM from Sweden, 13.12. 8pm, Youth Center CK13

Youth Center CK13
Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad

Thursday 13.12. 19:00
Presentation and projections
The collective of filmmakers RaFILM from Sweden
Collective members: Anna Weitz, Sascha Fülscher, Alex Veitch

RaFILM is a collective of filmmakers and a non-profit organization based in Lund (Sweden), in the cultural center "Mejeriet", which belongs to the Trans Europe Halles network. Through socially engaged film production, RaFILM strives for a fairer and more equal society. In addition to film production, this collective runs an open-ended video workshop for young people, as well as workshops for animation and video activism.

Anna Weitz and Sascha Fülscher currently work at the REX Cultural Center in Belgrade, and Alex Veitch at the Pekarna Cultural Center in Maribor (Slovenia). In Novi Sad, he will present the work of his group with the screening of two documentaries "Can't Do It In Europe" and "Hit Music - Rhythm of the Revolutionary" and several short animations.

"Can't Do It In Europe" (Bolivia, 46 min)
In the mines in the city of Potosi (Bolivia), tourists can observe the miners at work. Lonely Planet and local agencies have told the complete truth: working conditions here have not changed since colonial times, and this show is worth seeing.
** MoMA Nyc, Leipzig Dokfestival, Cinema du Reel, Society for Visual Anthropology / AAA Film Festival

"Hit Music - Rhythm of the Revolutionary" (Sweden, 28 min)
Starting with the band Red Beans (Roda Bonor, a pioneering folk-rock band of the Swedish social movement from the seventies, "Hit Music" is a story through music with big hits, angry and naked pop stars. A journey through decades that shows you can keep control of your creative achievements - and succeed!
** Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Beyond TV Film Festival, Music Doc Festival Malmö

The presentation is organized in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina,