Podcast LOST & FoUND

The LOST & FoUND podcasts was created as an upgrade and extended reflection on the started research and publication of the Lost & Found edition produced by kuda.org.

Through interviews, conversations and contextual analyzes, a series of dialogues is developed with the aim of connecting the statements of the protagonists from the 80s and contemporary artists in the field of improvisation and artistic experimentation. The focus of the conversation is on the issue of authorship, joint creation process, working conditions, the role of infrastructure in it and the position of creative creativity in relation to the commercialization of culture.

TheLOST & FoUND podcast series is realized in specific units through which insight into the time and social context is provided: atmosphere & circumstances of the 80s, case studies under the radar of the 90s, two cases from the paradigm of the new millennium, improvisation and imagination, etc. Participants ’conversations involve protagonists — musicians, musicologists, theorists, journalists, chroniclers, including ensembles and still-performing artists such as Pneumatic Trio, Dichonomy engine, MRT, Yvith, etc. podcasts.

The LOST & FoUND podcast series provides insight into poetics based on immediacy and interactivity, group creative process, play and experimentation. It is dedicated to temporary zones of grouping and improvisational practice that arises in sound, with sound and around sound.


LOST & FoUND is part of the kuda.org production, whose long-standing research program The Continuous Art Class explores local art practices, highlighting the need for artistic experimentation. Initially, the production of the LOST & FoUND collection of audio editions of rare and hitherto unpublished recordings of music sessions that were created during the 80's in Novi Sad was launched. These Omitted scenes from Novi Sad the scenes form a unique creative opus inspired by the concepts of art and experiment, with elements of jazz, improvisation, art rock, contemporary music, musical theater, performance, poetry, ambience.

This series of podcasts arose from that need, with the aim of looking at the context, conditions, motives and methods of creation through the conversation of protagonists of different generations.


EP1 atmosphere & circumstances of the 80s

participants: Boris Kovač, Nemanja Sovtić, Aleksandar Carić, Zoran Pantelić, Daniel More, Dunja Crnjanski, Zsolt Polgar, Mihajlo Obrenov, Borka Stojić, Žarko Sebić


EP2 case studies under the radar of the 90s

participants: Vladimir and Aleksej Ivančev, Nebojša Vukašinović, Gavra Dražić, Zoran Pantelić, Daniel More, Mihajlo Obrenov, Zsolt Polgar


EP3 two cases from the paradigm of the new millennium

participants: Mihajlo Obrenov, Dražen Đorđević, Aleksandar Carić, Zoran Pantelić, Zsolt Polgar, Norbert Győri, Marina Džukljev


EP4 improvisation and imagination

participants: Iva Niculović, Stribor Bihorac, Bojan Ožegović, Nemanja Sovtić, Zoran Pantelić, Mihajlo Obrenov, Zsolt Polgar, Jovan Milinov


Podcast editors: Mihajlo Obrenov and kuda.org

Production team: Mihajlo Obrenov, Minja Smajić and kuda.org

Production: kuda.org, 2022


The LOST & FoUND podcast was realized with the support of the International Relief Fund for Cultural and Educational Organizations 2021 of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Goethe-Institut and others: www.goethe.de/hilfsfonds