31 October - 02 November 2019

photo by and Manja Holodkov


Festival-in-opposition is a platform for establishing a relationships of art, education and the politics of improvisation. This platform is oriented towards creating temporary zones of groupness, exchange and support for improvisational practice that works / produces in sound, with sound and aroundsound. Permanent ongoing drives - OUR 'Accompanyings' (Improvisations and Performance), JukeBox(Exchange of Materials), Sound Installation and Reading Desk - initiate artistic production in festival format, with the intention of affecting and conceptualizing improvisation as artistic, cultural and socio-political (against)an attitude opposed to the commercialization, trivialization, depoliticization and predatory utilization of art. Based on Company Weeks (the annual free-improvisation festival organized by Derek Bailey from 1977 to 1994) and Rock in Oppostion (a movement of music bands which opposed the monopoly of the music industry during the 1970s), the Festival-in-opposition does not aspire to a place of institutions with authority, it already persists as a fragile hub of intersecting fluxes from the local and regional scene, just like the influences of creative energy coming from European and world metropolises.

Festival-in-opposition is part of the broader research project NOISM - New forms of research in contemporary music, which seeks to stimulate the development and analysis of contemporary art production in the long run, while also promoting practices in contemporary music and artistic creation with a particular focus on interactivity and group creative process. The project was initiated and developed by two organizations from Novi Sad: the Center for New Media and the KNAP/IMPROSTOR Association.

Tomaž Grom (Ljubljana), Manja Ristić (Belgrade); Ksenija Stevanović (Belgrade), Bálint Bolcsó(Budapest), Mirjana Raić (Novi Sad), Milana Zarić (Belgrade), Samo Kutin (Ljubljana), Joel Grip (Berlin),Axel Dorner (Berlin), Michael Griener (Berlin), Dieter Kovačič (Vienna), Ana Kravanja (Ljubljana), Tijana Stanković (Belgrade), ŠKART (Belgrade), Susanna Gartmayer (Vienna), Christof Kurzmann (Vienna),Miloš Tomić (Belgrade), Darija Medić (Belgrade).

Organizers & Producers:
New Media, Novi Sad 
KNAP/IMPROSTOR Association, Novi Sad 

Technical support: Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad - an independent cultural space for the development of youth social engagement


The Festival-in-opposition is realized through the partnership between the New Media and the KNAP/IMPROSTOR Association from Novi Sad with the Zavod Sploh from Ljubljana and associates. NOISM - New forms of research in contemporary music is co-funded by the City Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad, the Austrian Cultural Forum from Belgrade and the Foundation for Art Initiatives.

Photo and video documentation from the Festival in Opposition: The Art and Politics of Improvisation, held on 26-29. October 2016 in Novi Sad can be viewed at this link.