TitlePavl Levi, Jolted Images: (unbound Analytic)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsLevi, P
Number of Pages205
PublisherMultimedijalni institut mi2, Fakultet za medije i komunikacije
ISBN Number978-953-7372-43-9

"Pavle Levi is one of those authors whose texts are intellectually comforting while at the same time activating the intellect when meeting close and inspiring horizons. Seven years ago, his Cinema, by other means, has now sovereignly entered the horizon of contemporary film theory, revealing through a seemingly simple naming of the term a phenomenon present in human creativity since its very beginnings. In Jolted Images: (unbound Analytic) Levi seems to repeat his gesture of extended text (following in the footsteps of Youngblood / Vanderbeek's extended film) and summarizing his academic and film-interpretive interests frees writing about (film) through another attractive concept whose application unfolds in several directions. Taking on Makavejevljev's ludicrous approach to art that should be "touched", Levi's analysis of contemporary images seems to awaken the reader-viewer with a specific kind of textual and thought syntonic. If we agree to the fact that the author offers us, the reading of an academic lucid dream, we enter a space in which it is possible to perceive the known from hitherto unknown or unexpected angles; Through the theoretical and interpretive reading of comics, films, and photographs, the author reveals his passion for the analysis of visual consciousness and the barely noticeable seam that connects the world of sleepers with the world of the awake person, ie the world of film with the world of "reality". [Petra Belc]