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new productivisms | nuevos productivismos | neue produktivismen
transversal web journal

This transversal issue reviews the historical experience of the Russian-Soviet avant-garde art produced during the 1910s and 1930s, with regard to two of the main tracks followed by its simultaneously political and artistic radicalization: productivism and factography. Our point of view is neither historicist nor nostalgic. Rather than the classical academic differentiation between historiographic, artistic and critical discourse, a three-fold approach undertakes to articulate a genealogy, to apply a critical reading, and to trace its becoming actual in contemporary practices.

Doug Ashford: Group Material: Abstraction as the Onset of the Real
Marcelo Expósito: The New Productivisms
Devin Fore: «Arbeit sans phrase»
Brian Holmes: Into Information! Reversing History for the Present
Christina Kiaer: “Into Production!”: The Socialist Objects of Russian Constructivism
Gerald Raunig: Changing the Production Apparatus. Anti-Universalist Concepts of Intelligentsia in the early Soviet Union
Hito Steyerl: Truth Unmade. Productivism and Factography
Dmitry Vilensky: Activist Club or On the Concept of Cultural Houses, Social Centers & Museums
Jaime Vindel: Tretyakov in Argentina. Factography and Operativity in the Artistic Avant-Garde and the Political Vanguard of the Sixties

In co-operation with the Museu d'Art Contemporany de Barcelona (MACBA) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).