New book published by Red Horizon. The Avant-Garde and the Revolution in Yugoslavia 1919 – 1932, Dejan Sretenović in Serbian and English

New book published by

Red Horizon. The Avant-Garde and the Revolution in Yugoslavia 1919 – 1932, Dejan Sretenović

in Serbian and English


The book Red Horizon. The Avant-Garde and the Revolution in Yugoslavia 1919 – 1932, is the first study to focus on the Yugoslav avant-gardes from the perspective of the history of left-wing political ideas. Bearing in mind that the Yugoslav avant-gardes were politically oriented towards the radical left, and considered the aesthetic revolution an integral part of the social revolution, the book explores the modes of manifestation of the ideas of Marxism and anarchism in the programmes and activities of the avant-gardes, ranging from Expressionism, through Zenitism, Dadaism, Hipnism, Constructivism to Surrealism. The policies of the Yugoslav avant-gardes are considered in the context of European avant-garde currents and ideational struggles on the left cultural front, as well as in the light of the development of Marxist aesthetics and the attitudes organised Communism assumed towards modern art. The book is structured in the form of a historical-theoretical narrative, starting from the interpretation of the avant-garde and Communism as the two great epic narratives of the 20th century, and telling of the rebellions, dreams, conflicts, victories and defeats of those who wanted to radically change the society and art of their epoch.

The book significantly contributes to the coming decade, which marks the 100th anniversary of all significant original artistic and historical avant-garde, and which inevitably influenced the character of practices that were the subject of work and analysis of art collectives within the long-term research project Art Organization. The project analyses the phenomenon of artistic (self)organisation and relations within artistic groups and collectives in the post-Yugoslav region during the last fifty years, and the ways it influenced the profile and quality of their artistic production.

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TITLE: Red Horizon. Avant-Garde and Revolution in Yugoslavia 1919–1932
AUTHOR: Dejan Sretenović
YEAR OF ISSUE: First edition, 2020
EDITION: Red Publications
PUBLISHER: New Media, Novi Sad,
TRANSLATION: Katarina Radović
PROOFREADING: Jonathan Boulting
COVER PAGE: motif for the title taken from the logo of the magazine Nadrealizam danas i ovde, no 3, 1932
PRINT: Artprint media, Novi Sad

CIP – Публикација у каталогизацији
Библиотека Матице српске, Нови Сад
ISBN 978-86-88567-24-4
COBISS.SR-ID 42815241


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