LOST & FoUND music edition and label, CD Ritual Nova 1982-1986

The first kuda.org CD release in the LOST & FoUND edition

Ritual Nova 1982-1986 + booklet of the first edition with texts by Nemanja Sovtić and two author's reviews of musicians Stevan Kovač Tikmajer and Boris Kovač, founder of the ensemble Ritual Nova.

ISBN 978-86-88567-29-9
COBISS.SR-ID 28920329
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LOST & FoUND - research project and music edition on vinyl and CD collection of audio editions of rare and unpublished recordings of music sessions that were made during the 1980s in Novi Sad. These omitted scenes of the Novi Sad scene form a unique creative opus inspired by the concepts of art and experiment, with elements of jazz, improvisation, art rock, contemporary classical music, musical theater, performance, poetry, ambience.

This collection provides insight into poetics based on immediacy and interactivity, group creative process and play. It is dedicated to temporary zones of groupness and improvisational practice that arises in sound, with sound and around sound.

The LOST & FoUND edition is part of the long-running research program The Continuous Art Class of kuda.org, which explores local artistic practices, highlighting the need for artistic experimentation.

The current plan is to publish an edition of 8-10 CD's in which all relevant examples from the epoch of experimental and improvised music created in Novi Sad in the period of the 1980s. In the research process so far, partially reconstructed materials of the following compositions have been found: Ove sezone vedri tonovi, Ritual Nova, Da Capo Tutti, Abacus, Testa di Shakespeare, Pre i posle tišine, Telal Viig, Cirko della Primavera, Tickmayer Formatio, Zapisi tišine, Muad Dib, Intellectual Cabaret Orkest.

The LOST & FoUND project is supported by the Goethe Institute Belgrade, the FfAI Foundation and the Novi Sad City Administration for Culture.