Lecture by Sylvain Lazarus: Anthropologie du nom, in Novi Sad, organized by kuda.org and the Group for Conceptual Politics

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014, 18:00
Venue: premises of the group Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees
street Resavska no. 21, apartment no. 5, Belgrade

The lecture is taking place on the occasion of translation and publishing of the book Anthropologie du nom (from French to the Serbo-Croatian language), in the edition of New Media Centre_kuda.org and Group for Conceptual Politics from Novi Sad.

Lecturer: Sylvain Lazarus, the author of the Anthropologie du nom

Sylvain Lazarus is a French anthropologist and political theorist. He is a professor at the Paris 8 University. Since the 1990s, Sylvain Lazarus focuses his work on the French suburbs (the banlieues). With the French anthropologist Alain Bertho, he has founded l'Observatoire international des banlieues et des périphéries (OIBP) in 2008, producing researches in France, Brazil and Senegal. Following the student uprisings of May 1968 in France, Lazarus was a founding member of the Union des communistes de France marxiste-léniniste (UCFml), in 1969. Fifteen years later, Lazarus was a founding member (along with Alain Badiou and Natacha Michel) of the militant French political organization L'Organisation Politique which called itself a post-party organization concerned with direct intervention in a wide range of issues (including immigration, labor, and housing). In addition to numerous writings and interventions since the 1980s, L'Organisation Politique has stressed the importance of developing political prescriptions concerning undocumented migrants (les sans papiers) and stresses that they must be conceived primarily as workers and not immigrants.

Excerpt from the afterward by S. Lazarus for Serbo-Croatian translation: 'Anthropologie du nom (l'ADN) a deux versants. L’un se consacre à l’investigation de la pensée, le second à l’investigation de la politique. C’est pourquoi je résumerai ce livre en deux formules: l’ADN traite de la pensée, premier versant, ce sera les deux énoncés. L’ADN traite de la politique et de ses formes d’apparition: ce sera la thèse de la séquentialité de la politique et celle de l’innommabilité du nom de la politique. Ces deux versants sont conjoints par la catégorie de pensée.' (2012)

Anthropologie du nom was first published in French in 1996, in Editions du Seuil, Paris. The book was translated to Serbo-Croatian by Ana Moralić, and translation is published in December 2013, by kuda.org and Group for Conceptual Politics, Novi Sad.

The lecture will be held in the French language, joint with simultaneous translation to Serbo-Croatian. The translators will be: Vesna Končar-Nikolić and Vladimir Pavlović.

The lecture is organized within the project Local Politics and Urban Self-management realized by kuda.org and the Group for Conceptual Politics from Novi Sad, with support of Foundation for Open Society and Norwegian Embassy from Belgrade. The lecture is realized in cooperation with Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees and with the support of the French Institute Belgrade.