TitleLars Henrik Gass, Film and Art After Cinema
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGass, LHenrik
Number of Pages210
PublisherMultimedijalni institut mi2
ISBN Number978-953-7372-47-7

The film disappears from the cinema, and it only slightly loses its status as a mass medium. Cinema, with its creation, enabled an autonomous social mode of perception that differed from all other art forms. These are the main theses of Lars Henrik Gass, which he defends in his deliberately controversial and informative collection of essays published by the Multimedia Institute in its edition of the Visual College in English. Gass analyzes the social and economic conditioning of a post-cinematic moment through examples of television, the Internet, film festivals, exhibitions, and museums. But above all, Film and Art After Cinema is a manifesto that advocates a specific mode of perception, guided by the idea that only at the moment when cinema has disappeared can we understand what it really is. So we need lessons from the history of cinema and its critique like never before.