kuda.read publishing project

kuda.read is a publishing project of Centra_kuda.org launched in 2004 and is dedicated to research: a critical approach to the culture of new media and technologies, new relations in culture, contemporary art practice and theory, as well as politics, activism, and philosophy. So far, over 20 editions have been published in the kuda.read edition, most of which have been published bilingually, in Serbian and English.

Until 2011, the publishing endeavors of kuda.org were realized in cooperation with the publishing house Futura publications, Novi Sad, Revolver, Frankfurt, and Autonomedia, New York. Since 2012, kuda.org has become an independent publisher and is developing and editing a publishing project with a collaborating organization - the Group for Conceptual Politics (GCP), Novi Sad. 

All books published by kuda.org so far can be found in Centru_kuda.org and can be downloaded free of charge from the links provided on the page that provides a summary of each book.