Kuda.org recommends: Textualism in Novi Sad, Silvia Dražić, contribution to the long-term project The Continuous Art Class

Kuda.org recommends:

publication in the Futura edition

Silvia Dražić / Textualism in Novi Sad

Edition Kontrateg 6, Novi Sad 2018.

ISBN 987-86-7188-181-4


This book is a significant and concise review of the production of new artistic practice, primarily textualism, with a reasoned methodology for choosing songs and their authors. The historical review and selection of papers deal with a corpus of historical aspects and theoretical paradigms for a more correct reading and understanding of the material.


'... One of the forms of expressing alternative or countercultural criticism of the prevailing art patterns and adopted forms of sociability were underground newspapers and magazines that operate on the margins of official culture and with their non-traditional design, circulation, and distribution subvert the very idea of ​​magazines as a medium of public communication. .. '.

‘... The new artistic practice has found in poetry one of the key media of its activity. Its specific feature was the orientation to the language, to the language experiment, and to the text itself… ’

and it was an inseparable part of the scene focused on experiments in the medium of language and text, including literary production within the Novi Sad neo-avant-garde.


This edition also represents a contribution and harmoniously builds on the long-term research program The Continuous Art Class conducted by kuda.org.