Imagination School - workshop by the artist Lala Raščić

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* Boris Radivojkov
* Milivoj Kostić
* Avakum Kvas
* Dragana Garić
* Vana Colić
* Jelena Tipšin
* Kalman Jodal

As an integral part of the multimedia exhibition "Individual Utopia", from March 29 – 31, 2010 will be implemented a workshop Imagination School which will bring together dozens of individuals from different social and generational groups, which will be familiar with the term "utopia" through examples of the exhibition "Individual Utopia" and examples from history of art. The idea is to somehow recreate workshop "Art and Survival", which was held in Mostar in October 2007. Expected workshop results are creative engagements of individuals involved in the mapping of perception of reality in which they live, their environment and the individual projections of the future. The workshop will be documented and its results are to become an integral part of the exhibition.

Lala Raščić is an artist born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1977. Live and work in Zagreb and Sarajevo. Exhibiting since 1998. In her work, she uses variety of art formats: painting, sculpture, video installations. Since 2005, she deals with the sound and scriptwriting which she herself performs in her video works.

Exhibition “Individual Utopias”, performance and workshop "Imagination School" with artist Lala Raščić, is part of long term project INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS NOW AND THEN – Discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common?, which is realised in cooperation with SCCA/ from Bosnia and Herzegovina, T.I.C.A. from Albania, and New Media from Novi Sad

The project “Individual Utopias Now and Then” has been supported by Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans,

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