ŽILNIK & BUDEN : Prelude into past, book promotion in Zagreb


02/03/2014 [Monday] _ 19: 00h MM center [Savska 25]

ŽILNIK & BUDEN: Prelude into past

One is a filmmaker. The other is a philosopher. Both are ruthless analysts of our condition. They are Želimir Žilnik and Boris Buden. In the summer of 2013, Žilnik and Buden, together with the Novi Sad Center for New Media kuda.org, publish Prelude into past. In short, an unavoidable document of the experience of dealing with the reality of historical regression, the futility of criticism, the lying of the public, the vanity of knowledge, the bribery of art, and, ultimately, the disintegration of society in war and crime. The Visual Course of the Multimedia Institute and kuda.org, in cooperation with the Culture of Change of the Student Center in Zagreb, invite you to talk about Prelude into past, which will be held on February 3 at 19:00 in the MM Center (Savska 25). The interview with the authors is moderated by Branka Ćurčić (kuda.org) and Petar Milat.

“... This book is not written in a pre-defined, rounded and finalized language, whose words and grammar is applied to the subject, in the way we say, for example, the language of film criticism, the language of cultural theory, the language of political science, the language of this or that faith, worldview, culture with its specific notion, phraseology, fixed meanings, stable and persistent references. The language of this book is not based on either mono-or homolinguistic ideology...”

You can download the book here.

More about the book: http://www.kuda.org/uvod-u-pro-lost-nova-knjiga-u-izdanju-centrakudaorg

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