TitleGeoffroy de Lagasnerie: Penser dans un monde mauvais
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
Authorsde Lagasnerie, G
Number of Pages76
PublisherMultimedijalni institut mi2, Udruga Bijeli Val/Subversive Festival
ISBN Number978-953-7372-44-6

What does it mean to write in a society marked by violence, domination, exploitation? How to imagine a thought practice that won't contribute to the renewal of the existing situation, but would, on the contrary, be oppositional? What is the meaning of art, culture, and knowledge - and in particular, under what conditions do they have meaning and value? Since we live in a bad world, every author must necessarily ask himself the question of how to resist him and not agree with the systems of government.

Original PublicationPenser dans un monde mauvais