Digital Resistance & Passion of Virtuality - Spaces of 21.century, Petar Milat i Aleksandar Bošković


Aleksandar Bošković has degrees from the University of Belgrade and Tulane University. Ph.D. in social anthropology (University of ST. Andrews, Scotland, UK, 1997). Ph.D. thesis topic: "Constructing Gender in Contemporary Anthropology". He taught at the Universities of ST Andrews (Scotland), Belgrade (Yugoslavia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Brasilia (Brazil), before embarking for the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (South Africa), where he is currently a visiting research fellow. Being a multiple personality (gemini), Aleksandar is also a visiting professor in the post-graduate (MA) program in anthropology at the Faculty for social sciences (FDV), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His most recent book project is a collection of the Critical Art Ensemble texts (Digitalni Partizani), published in Belgrade in early October 2000. Other book projects in work include a textbook on the anthropology of religion, a book on cyber theory (co-edited, with Igor Marković), writings on "Blade Runner" and an edited volume about Paul Virilio.

Petar Milat is co-editor in department for theory "past forward" in net.culture center mama. He is editor of several philosophical, social, and media theory edition in Zagreb ('Arkzin', 'Jesenski & Turk', 'mama').
He is mostly interested in constellation of contemporary social and theory area in recent aesthetics, with the accent on French and Italian philosophical context. Lives in triangle Korcula-Zagreb-Belgrade.

Petar Milat, Zagreb i Aleksandar Bošković, Johanesburg

Aleksandar Bošković i Petar Milat pointed out importance of the Internet as a network which joins all aspects of social life, as a place of interlock of global economy, politics, art, etc. Bošković claims that Internet directly presents the field of diverse hackers, activists and artistic intervention; of concrete action which is based on theoretical postulate of Peter Sloterdijk and Giorgio Agamben, interpreted by Petar Milat.

Aleksandar Bošković talked about Internet as a unique network which connects possibilities of action in contemporary digital environment, specially indicating importance of individual and his/her acceptance of inflicted system. Petar Milat has talked about virtual and real spaces that 21. century implicates.