A3.Format Group at the exhibition ID: Ideology of Design

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A3.Format Group


A3.Format is an art&design collective initiated in 2005 by Filip Bojović from Novi Sad, in intensive cooperation with Vladimir Manovski. The idea of the A3. Format project comprehends creation of, before all, online collaborative platform, which is open for diverse interventions on so-called “digital canvas”, dimensions 29,7 x 42cm. Concerning the theme, works created so far are varying from simple intimate messages to themes that are concerned with the issue of human rights, politics, cultural policies, economy, ecology, nature of art, etc. Although those works have been created by dozens of different artists and designers of the younger generation, the majority of them (although not exclusively) are characterized by visual simplicity: using one color, a specific type of typography, and simple letters-based solutions on this template format.

The primary idea of the A3.Format project has started to develop in its digital format, over the internet. The authors of the project themselves have said that initiation of this project was inspired by “lack of the public space for free thought and expression”. Indeed, today, public space is fragmented, commercialized, mediated, and privatized, which to a big extent applies to the internet itself. Under those circumstances, by using a template, standardized format for potential intervention, A3.Format project almost makes ironic template mode of the internet as an open, public space for eternal participation and networking. A goal is to annually print a book of 100 works in their original format, in a manner that allows every print to be ripped out of the book so that it can be used as a poster. With this book, a process is circled and what was once only an idea becomes a DIY piece of art.

Promotion of the first A3.Format publication “Urban Violence” and two completely new editions and as hardcopy of the project that lasted 9 months over the Internet at http://a3format.org

Presentation of the Ideology of Design competition works for publication presents specifically modified fonts, handwritten typographies, experimental illustrated letters, systems inside the grid, modular, stretched... This publication will be a certain overview of new typographic tendencies of several authors of younger generations from ex-Yugoslavia today. The requirement was simple, one-color - black.

The creation process, from sketch to A3 works, will also be shown. Authors will discuss their own perceptions of the process.