THE IDEA OF RADICAL MEDIA Conference, Zagreb - within the project "Aesthetic Education Expanded"

Zagreb, MaMa, June 7-8
Multimedia Institute

The conference revisits the radical media-related practices in art, communication and politics that have emerged over the last two decades, and looks at the idea of radical media both from a broader historic perspective and from the predicament of our current situation. It is organized in the context of two exhibitions on Arkzin - a Zagreb-based collective that emerged out of the anti-war campaign in the early 1990s and gave a theoretical and polemical voice to the anti-nationalist positions. The publishing and activist practices of Arkzin anticipated and reflected the practices of tactical media that were crystallizing from a particular confluence of a political moment marked by the post-Yugoslav conflicts and alter-globalist contestations, and a technological moment of the rise of early Net.

The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.

Tuesday, 28th february 2012
6 p.m. Opening of the exhibition “The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.”
7 p.m. Band performance/Concert “Duo trojica”

Public Library Bor,
19 Moše Pijade st.

Participants: Ana Stefanović, Vladimir Radivojević, Ivica Osmanovski, Jelena Miletić, Milan Stošić, Miroslav Mitrašinović, Saša D. Lović, Centar za neformalnu komunikaciju Nemušto, Samizdat Sloganova

Authors of the exhibition: Kontekst collective (Vida Knežević and Marko Miletić), Belgrade in collaboration with Local Department Public Library Bor and from Novi Sad.

Temporary Services in Cultural Center REX, Belgrade

Cultural Center REX, Jevrejska 16, Belgrade
27th of October 2011, at 7PM

Temporary Services, but Permanent Artistic Practice
Brett Bloom in Cultural Center REX, Belgrade

Presentation and public talk with artist, writer and cultural worker Brett Bloom with Jelena Vesić, independent curator and art critic and Vladimir Jerić Vlidi, writer, media researcher and activist from Belgrade.

BOOK LAUNCH - Artists' Texts from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, 1947-2009

Art Always Has Its Consequences
Artists' Texts from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, 1947-2009

26 September 2011, 18:00
Vizrakter, Fo utca 84., Budapest 1027

Why do artists write texts? When and why this genre was developed and what significance it gained in Easter-Europe in the last sixty years.Talk (in Hungarian) about the publication with artist Roza El-Hassan and art historian Sandor Hornyik. Moderator: Zsuzsa Laszlo, art theorist, one of editors.

Artleaks - a new platform

Artleaks is collective platform initiated by an international group of artists, curators, art historians and intellectuals in response to the abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labor rights. In the art world, such abuses usually disappear, but some events bring them into sharp focus and therefore deserve public scrutiny.