NaslovDidier Eribon, Returning to Reims
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsEribon, D
Number of Pages246
PublisherMultimedijalni institut mi2, Sandorf
ISBN Number978-953-7372-50-7

Returning to Reims has been an unavoidable subject of debate in recent years, especially in the German and Anglo-Saxon-speaking areas. Eribon expands Bourdieu’s notion of autoanalysis, transforming it into a new genre that links personal confession of origin and growing up to sociological study and political manifesto. In the book, the presentation, and analysis of the ideological transformation of the working class alternate with the presentation of conflicts between authors and social norms in the process of becoming a subject, and with the political articulation of conflicts or overlaps of different social identities.

Original PublicationRetour a Reims