Čet, 2007-03-29 23:00 to Ned, 2007-04-01 02:00

In the frame of a project dedicated to the 40-eth anniversary of the first public screening of a Želimir Žilnik film at the Short and documentary film festival in Belgrade, in 1967, there will be a screening program, as well as an exhibition installment, a public discussion of the contextual aspects of his social and cultural work, and a concert of one of the bands that did the music for his films. Promotion of the work of Želimir Žilnik at the festival in Belgrade represents the beginning of engagement on the realization of DVD about the work of Želimir Žilnik. The project is being realized in cooperation between the Playground production company, Center for new media_kuda.org and the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade, which is part of the long term research project “The Continuous Art Class” dedicated to the exploration of art and social practices of Novi Sad neo-avantgarde of 1960s and 1970s (http://www.kuda.org/?q=node/541)

The program will be presented due to the following schedule:

MARCH 29th, 2007, Thursday, 21:00, Cinema of the Cultural Center of Belgrade
Screening of Žilnik's documentary films from 1967 and 1968

A NEWSREEL ON VILLAGE YOUTH IN WINTER (Žurnal o omladini na selu, zimi)
LITTLE PIONEERS (Pioniri maleni mi smo vojska prava, svakog dana ničemo ko zelena trava)
THE UNEMPLOYED (Nezaposleni ljudi)
JUNE TURMOIL (Lipanjska gibanja)
BLACK FILM (Crni film)

MARCH 29th, 2007, Thursday, 22:00, Cinema of the Cultural Center of Belgrade
A public discussion about Žilnik's documentary movies, with participants:

Karpo Godina
Milan Vlajčić
Petar Jončić
Miroljub Stojanović
Stevan Vuković, moderator of debate

MARCH 31th, 2007, Saturday, 19:00, Gallery of Student Cultural Center Belgrade
An exhibition related to contextual aspects of Žilniks work

MARCH 31th, 2007, Saturday, 20:00, Gallery of Student Cultural Center Belgrade
A screening of Žilnik's recent documentary (Soap in Danube Opera)

MARCH 31th, 2007, Saturday, 21:00, Student Cultural Center Belgrade
Concert of the Obojeni Program band